The Ultimate Guide to Top Rated Online Football Betting Sites in the UK

Football may just be one of the most popular sports around. At any given moment, there is at least one professional game taking place anywhere across the world. This presents punters with an excellent opportunity toplace money on events at any time of the day. However, it is imperative to choose the best football betting sites UK has to enjoy in order to get the best bang for the buck. Just like the popularity of the sport, football betting receives a huge amount of interest from bookmakers. It makes it doubly difficult to find out the best options for a punter. Yet, the process of choosing the appropriate site is made easier by following certain techniques. There is a criterion that classifies a bookmaker or their odds as being among the best for this sport. Each bookmaker has the strengths and weaknesses and they have to be analysed before choosing the option.
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Finding the Top Football Bookmakers to Bet Like a Pro


This may be a criterion often overlooked by punters, but it has a key role to play in the overall functioning of the bookmaker. Every bookmaker has to be regulated since these institutions are dealing with the hard-earned money of the punter. In such an instance, the trustworthiness of institution can be backed up by a good license. One of the top licensing authorities for bookmakers in the United Kingdom happens to be the UK Gambling Commission, while other top licenses are from the Malta Gaming Authority and so on. Since there are only a handful of bookmakers that are able to boast of such high quality licenses, it becomes easier task for a punter – provided they have knowledge gained from this football betting guide – to choose a correct option.


The reputation of a bookmaker is not built up over a couple of years, as it can take a longer period. Since betting has been a popular pastime in the UK for several centuries, it is not uncommon to come across bookmakers that have a couple of decades of experience in this industry. Since the risks are much higher in the world of betting, punters need to be extra careful with regard to choosing a bookmaker who is just entering into the industry. There is every chance of such institutions folding in the long run, while the short-term disadvantages could be with regard to pricing and bonuses.


Bookmakers are a place where punters share their financial details – including personal information. As a result, it is imperative to have the highest possible security systems in place so that the information can be protected from the prying eyes of hackers. Hackers today target almost every aspect of the free pokies online world and bookmakers are not immune from this trend. Even though there is a growing trend towards migrating towards crypto currencies, the best bookies for football are still sceptical about going down this road.


A huge number of options are available at the disposal of a punter in this industry. It is imperative for bookmakers to make sure that support is extended to as many options as possible. Apart from the usual list that includes credit and debit cards, it becomes a major bonus if bookmakers do accept the cryptocurrencies that are fast becoming a standard in the online gambling world. Some of the points to notice in this segment are the fees charged by the bookmaker for a specific payment system, as this can severely reduce the returns for a punter in the long run.


Just as with every other sports, football also receives a lot of promotion campaigns despite its popularity. The size and the frequency of these campaigns have a lot to do with the attractiveness of a bookmaker. The returns of a punter can be boosted quite significantly due to these campaigns. Hence, it becomes an important element when choosing between large collections of online football betting sites. The promotions may come in the form of free bets or cashbacks. They are primarily designed to help a punter get the maximum in the eventuality of a lost punt.

Customer Service

The punter who makes bets in various markets regarding football will often be coming in with punts throughout the week – due to the sheer availability of football matches to bet upon. In such a scenario, there is a possibility of experiencing issues which need to be resolved immediately. In such a situation, the availability of multiple forms of accessing the customer service becomes a major selling point. Bookmakers have been able to adopt the growth of technology into offering faster means of customer service – through the likes of live chat. The telephone service is a huge advantage in this regard, as not many bookmakers provide the option to get instant response to queries.

Best Football Betting Sites in the UK& Best Markets

The biggest advantage of going with a popular sport like football is the availability of markets from almost every bookmaker in the world. Football is covered with the greatest eye for detail and this helps maximise the potential returns for a punter. In order to be considered as one of the best in the business, any site can no longer get away with just a reputation as its backbone. This industry has grown rapidly in the last couple of decades with new markets and several options coming up. Every facet of the bookmaker – from the offers, campaigns, best odds, and different markets – is analysed to the core in order to find out the top option.

Coral – Best Bookie with Great Reputation & Football Betting In-Play Feature
Coral – Football Betting Odds

Coral happens to be one of the established bookmakers in the United Kingdom. It has been around for several decades and has a presence in all the top sports from around the world. Yet, football and horse racing are a speciality at Coral as users invariably get better prices, wider availability of markets, and greater promotion campaigns related to these sports. One of the reasons for Coral being an established name in the United Kingdom is the association it has had with punters from being a shop around the corner. Even though it is possible to place money on several markets, the growing trend of using smartphones to place bets has forced Coral to come up with one of the best in-play betting options around. The in-play betting feature is extremely fast to load, quick to use, and has easy operations to make it appealing for punters across different experience levels.

Rather than just place money on football games, it is also possible to catch up with the live content using the in-house streaming services. In order to use the services, a punter will have to have a minimum bet placed on the game, but it is a great option to keep on top of the play and take advantage of the excellent in-play betting system.

Betfred – UK’s Top Footballer Bookmaker with Totepool
Betfred – Football Bet

Betfred has been around since 1967 making it one of the biggest football bookmakers in the UK and around the world. As the institution that offers UK totepool, Betfred is in greater demand. The main feature of the site is to provide a large number of options with regard to betting on football. It is clear that football is the primary focus at Betfred, as their margins are amongst the lowest in this category. This results in better prices for a punter in virtually every market. Besides, Betfred also keeps on top of the promotion category with a number of campaigns.

Just like every other competitor in the industry, there is a large array of opportunities to bet on football matches at Betfred. Some of the highlights include the clear bet slip, which makes it easier to analyse the prices before placing money.The bonuses are a key section at Betfred with players getting anything from a regular welcome bonus offer to free bets. There is an abundance of such promotion campaigns at Betfred, despite the popularity of the institution.

In-play betting has a strong role to play in the overall user experience at Betfred. Apart from being able to place money on events as they happen, this live betting option also provides information to plenty of updates. Functionality is quite excellent with users providing the ability to choose markets – and subsequent information – only regarding markets that interest them. Totepool is a major advantage at Betfred and it is similar to a lottery where punters get the opportunity to win a stake pooled from various punters.

Betfair – Best Football Betting Exchange
Betfair – Football Betting Guide

Betfair is not a football bookie as such, as it is a betting exchange. It is quite different from a bookie since punters are taking on other punters rather than the house. This often results in better prices for anyone looking to stake money on an event. Despite having begun only in 2000, Betfair has come a long way and it is known of the instantly recognisable brands in the United Kingdom. The peer-to-peer betting enhances the returns and one can find that Betfair often leads the comparison charts at an aggregator service.

A betting exchange is a place where punters can back or lay on the market while setting the prices on their own. If another punter decides to match this price and go against the market, the bet now becomes live. If not, it remains available for another punter. Since a punter is setting their own prices, they have the opportunity to go either way. Instead of the house margin available in the case of regular bookmakers, the betting exchanges charge around 5 to 7% as commission on the winnings.

Ladbrokes – UK’s Top Football Betting Destination
Ladbrokes – Football Betting

While this sport enjoys a lot of popularity in Europe, Ladbrokes also tries to ensure the availability of markets for competitions from around the world. The bookmaker has been running betting shops since the 1950s, and it has gone down the online route over the last two decades. The online presence has helped Ladbrokes go even further and increases the market choices. The live betting is one of the biggest benefactors of online presence, as Ladbrokes handles all the live betting of football events too. The bookmaker adds value to the punter by providing live stream content too.

Betway – Young and Upcoming Sportsbook: Bet on Football Games Like a Pro
Betway – Football Betting

It is sometimes tough to believe that Betway has been around for just over a decade after being founded in 2006. Yet, this new player in the world of sports betting has been making waves when it comes to offering the best of football betting odds. The opportunities provided to a punter are quite huge, as almost every league around the world is covered. Within each match, Betway offers multiple markets that make it easier for a punter to choose the best value. Over the years, but has gained a reputation for being quite generous with the odds. These prices are offered on different markets making them quite usable by punters of all experiences. As one of the latest entrants – compared to the bookmakers who have existed from the days as a brick and mortar shop, Betway manages to offer a lengthy list of bonuses and promotion campaigns.

William Hill – Oldest and Reputed Sports Book in the UK
William Hill – Football Betting

William Hill is a bookmaker with a huge tradition when it comes to the UK football betting scenario, as it has been around since 1934. After having initially existed as a brick-and-mortar betting destination for punters, it has stayed in touch with the latest generation technologies and requirements by offering a high quality mobile betting experience.

There are more than 3 million users at William Hill, making it one of the largest in terms of user base. Those users can access a wide variety of statistical data in order to make decisions on each event covered by the bookmaker. In order to satisfy the hunger of those 3 million+ user base, William Hill covers more than 60,000 matches each year.

Unibet – A Reputed Bookmaker with Worldwide Presence
Unibet – Football Betting

Unibet is one of the big names when it comes to betting on sports, and it is not the case merely in the United Kingdom. This bookmaker comprises of more than 14 million users spread over 100 countries – making it one of the biggest in the world. There is an incredible spread of markets available with regard to football, although it is not the only sport covered here. The range of markets here is quite enormous. Most of the experience punters regard the odds from Unibet to offer excellent value most of the time. It is a sign of a good bookmaker, although the same may not hold true in terms of the promotion campaigns.

Stan James – UK’s Legendary Betting Site
Stan James – Football Betting

Stan James is one of the oldest football bookmakers in the United Kingdom. It was started on high Street back in 1933. Today, it operates across the length and breadth of the country. Unibet have been able to take advantage of this incredible history with a takeover in 2015, but it has not hindered the growth of Stan James as a brand. Stan James remains as one of the best institutions for promotions on football. This is in addition to the rather low margins of around 4% for football events compared to the industry standard figure of 5%. The customer service happens to rank as one of the highest in terms of meeting the customer demands.

888Sport – Top Promos for a UK Football Bookie
888Sport – Football Betting

The 888Sport is one of the instantly recognisable brands for placing a football bet in the United Kingdom.An extensive list of sports is covered with plenty of markets available in each regard. Crucially, the margins are lower compared to the industry standards so that the punter always manages to get the right value in each bet. Despite being a popular brand, 888Sport offers several benefits to a punter in the form of promotion campaigns. They can take advantage of these offers to make in-play bets.

Bet365 –One of the Best Online Football Betting Sites
Bet365 – Football Betting

Bet365 happens to be one of the biggest names associated with football bets today. While signing up with this institution, a punter is giving access to not just bets regarding football but also other sports. There are dazzling arrays of sub-markets that enable a punter to place money on almost every facet of the sport. Bet365 employs a comprehensive live stream section where users can watch live games in order to take advantage of a comprehensive in-play betting section. Despite being one of the reputed names in the business, Bet365 offers a range of customer support, promotions, and bonuses to the users.

Placing Money on Football Online: How to Bet On Football Matches

The growth of online bookmakers has enabled punters to come up with different forms of wagers with regard to this sport. A punter has to decide on the market, the best price applicable, and the bookmaker in order to start placing money on football matches. Gone are the days when they used to do visit to the corner betting shop in order to buy slips and tickets for the same. Today, it is possible to do this from the comfort of your home or even on the move from a smartphone. As a result, there is a greater section of population involved in this industry. Yet, there is no slack when it comes to the list of offers and promotion campaigns.

Odds and Bonus Offers in Online Football Betting

Despite the popularity of the sport and the betting options related to it, bookmakers continuing to offer a huge amount of promotion and bonus offers in order to entice new customers on-board. The welcome bonus offer is one of the common techniques used to make the prospect of signing up with a bookmaker that much more attractive. These offers are usually in the form of free bets, while one of the regular promotion campaigns maybe the offer of cash back – if a player loses a bet on certain conditions. The bookmakers go to great lengths to ensure that accumulator bet options are available on their platform. This is the type of bet where a punter makes multiple selections and brings them together for the purpose of significantly greater returns. Even though the risk involved is much higher, the returns are far-fetched compared to the regular markets available with regard to football. These accumulator bets are usually recommended for the experienced punter.

Main Markets

Football Betting Sites in the UK Football Betting Sites in the UK

The most common betting market with regard to football is 1x2, which is made up of three different ways. The punter will receive prices for backing the home win, draw, or away win. Each market comes with its own set of prices and this market is only applicable for the 90 minutes. It does not cover penalty shootouts or extra time. Hence, a draw selection is declared a successful if the game finishes as a stalemate after 90 minutes but one of the teams go on to win a game in extra time or through a penalty shootout.

The second most common market seen in the football betting predictions is the total goals scored section. Punters need to predict the total goals scored by both teams and it is often represented by a decimal number. The most popular in the total goals section is the market that accepts prediction for over/under 2.5 goals.

Odds or evens is a two-way market that can accept the prediction of the total goals scored by a team in the match. It involves predicting if the total is an odd or even number. Many pundits often find this to be rewarding to a great extent. Half-time/full-time is a market that takes advantage of a popular trend in football where teams go through a run of matches trailing at half-time but winning at full-time. Hence, it is used to predict the team that would win each half.

The total goals in the game can be a rewarding market, but it is overshadowed by the correct score market in a huge way. Here, punters will be placing money on a score that is the likely outcome. The reward in this market is one of the highest around, as the probability of success is substantially lower. It takes a lot of research and insight into the current form in order to have a higher success rate in this market.

First goalscorer is a market that is equally rewarding like correct score. A punter needs to choose a player – across both teams – who is likely to come up with the first goal of the match. Similarly, they can also place money on a player to score at any time in the game.

Outright markets are incredibly popular in the case of cup and league competitions. Placing money on a specific team winning a major tournament is one of the popular trends in this regard. A player ending up as the top scorer of a tournament is also an example of an outright market. There are several other options in the Asian handicap.

Popular Football Betting Fixtures

Online Football Betting Sites Online Football Betting Sites

Even though football takes place around the world and at various levels, it is of course profitable and much more enjoyable when placing money on certain fixtures. Bookmakers tend to offer markets for every football event in the world starting from the top leagues to the local divisions, but the variety of markets tend to vary as per the importance of the competition. For example, the Meistriliiga is an important division in Estonian football and it is covered by bookmakers but the market choices will be significantly limited compared to a Spanish La Liga or English Premier League.

Punters often tend to prefer the top leagues since they would also get the biggest availability of football betting tips. These become important for a newcomer into the world of betting on football.

Top Options for Football Betting In-Play

The choices of markets with regard to the popular leagues are so large that punters can even place money on those events while the games are taking place. Bookmakers tend to make life easier for punters who are not able to catch the matches live, as many of the top names in the business also provide a live stream of the same. Here are the top leagues popular amongst punters:

  • European Leagues
    The European leagues are extremely popular in the eyes of punters and fans alike. Apart from including the top divisions of individual countries, European football also comprises of the Champions League and Europa League. The top five leagues happen to be in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. Other countries where football is of a higher quality – compared to the rest of the world – are Portugal, Belgium, Scotland, and Turkey.
  • International football
    International matches do not occur in the same number as club football but big tournaments like the World Cup, European Championship, and Copa America attract a huge amount of interest from punters. There is also opportunity to place money on the qualification campaigns for these big tournaments.
  • Football from the Rest of the World
    While International and European football takes up the major chunk of betting interest, the best football tips are also available for tournaments in parts of the world where football is growing in great numbers. The North American soccer leagues, South American football, and major parts of Asian football like Japanese J-league are also immensely popular.
Football Betting Markets: Live Betting

Football Betting Guide Football Betting Guide

Live betting is a relatively new trend that has taken off in recent years to capitalise on the growth of technology. Gone are the days when punters had to visit a local betting shop in order to place money on football events. Today, it is possible to bet on games even while watching the match from within the stadium or from the comfort of a couch. As its name suggests, live betting involves being bang up-to-date with each match. Prices change accordingly by the minute and punters have to be on top of their game in order to succeed in this form of betting.

Top Tips for Regular and Live Football Betting

Trying to make money from football betting is not easy, as there are several variables and factors that play a role in the success of a punt. Purely based on luck, a punter will be able to get a couple of months, but managing long-term profits can be quite tricky without the use of certain tips and strategies. Success does not come overnight, but it is important to stay disciplined while placing money on football events. Here are some of the top tips for punters:

  • Coming up with a Bankroll Plan
    A good punter understands the importance of bankroll management, as it can go a long way towards helping them achieve sanity in the markets. Even the experienced punter can make the mistake of going with the emotions and placing too large a bet on an event. Setting a budget not only helps a person in daily life, but it can be of immense help in the world of betting. The predefined budget helps eliminate certain mistakes that come up while a person is on bad streak.
  • Understanding Handicap Market Basics
    There are multiple forms of betting markets and a punter needs to be aware of these different choices in order to pick the right one more often than not. The handicap market is viewed as one of the most intricate around, and newcomers need to develop their awareness surrounding these markets in order to maximise their returns. Even though the handicap market is straightforward, it takes time to learn the intricacies involved.
  • Watch Games and Make Analysis
    The most important task towards succeeding at football betting is watching the games. Catching up with as many games as possible and looking at the various statistics gives a major insight into the world of betting. It is imperative to watch the games from a tactical standpoint and not as a fan in order to gain the highest amount of knowledge. This knowledge would then be extremely useful in predicting the outcome of the next game, as football is not only about performances. Luck also plays a role in the success of a team and a punter can identify the teams capable of winning a match only with careful analysis of each game.
  • Choosing the Best Bookmakers
    Once a market has been identified, the punter needs to find the best option that fits the bill. This can be achieved by comparing the prices offered by different bookmakers for a specific market. This is to reduce the house margin as low as possible. Each bookmaker has a house margin which may diminish or enhance the returns for a punter depending upon the choice. It is much easier to compare the prices than ever before, as a whole host of aggregator services are making this task much easier. Loyalty is a cherished element in the world, but it is not a good attribute since going with the bookmaker who would offer the best price for a selection is the way to get greater returns.